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Happy Holidays to You and Yours (12/24/2019) - Happy Holidays! Everyone at OG+S wishes you a great holiday and prosperous New Year. If you’ve worked with us for any length of time, you know we are animal lovers at heart – so with that, I give you photos of our furry family members \ legal assistants!
But Will You Be Paid? (12/17/2019) - Perhaps one of the most important questions that someone thinking of starting a business (or adding a new line to their existing business) is: Will you make money? Or as Gary put it: Can you compete and still make a reasonable return on your investment?  This is an easy, yet hard question. Often, people will ... Read more
Planning Matters. (12/10/2019) - It’s happened twice in my career so far: the deathbed will. In both instances, the situation was exceedingly sad – individual gets sick; realizes their estate plan isn’t up to date; and attempts to re-write their “will” (or write it the first time) by text message or by signed affidavit. In both cases, although the ... Read more
What Do You Buy? (12/3/2019) - Last time, we took a look around to see if people are actually buying handmade soap. We found my friend from kindergarten and some other sellers on Etsy. But, does that really answer Gary’s second question? Who else is selling a competing product, and at what price?  Not really. It is just saying that some ... Read more
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Is Anyone Out There? (11/19/2019) - Back to our little soap opera. What dilemma is our start-up hero facing today? Last time, we discussed what it is that we want to sell: Handmade soap. The next question is: Does anyone need or want what you are planning to sell? Wow. Harsh reality hits fast and hard. Just because I want to ... Read more
Restraints of Trade Come in Many Flavors (11/12/2019) - We get a ton of questions about “non-competes” at OGS. In legal terms, a “non-compete” is a specific kind of “restraint of trade” that is governed by Wis. Stat. Sec. 103.465. However, the type of “restraint of trade” that is right for you and your business may not be a “non compete” and could be ... Read more
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