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The End of an Era: Sega of America, Inc. v. Fox Interactive (aka Crazy Taxi vs. Simpsons Road Rage) (4/16/2019)- Happy Tax Day everyone! (I’m writing this on Monday!) Also, happy Crazy Taxi patent expiration day! If you’re a millennial like me, you’re probably familiar with the Sega arcade game, “Crazy Taxi.” (arcade release in 1999) And…if you were suffering through high school a few years later, I bet you know of that classic Crazy ... Read more
Fixin’ To Dance (4/9/2019)- You may have heard that copyright exists in a work as soon as it is created. And you saw a lawyer twitch when you said that. It’s because we want to correct you, but also we don’t want to spoil the cocktail party and get kicked out before the bacon wrapped appetizers arrive. First, whatever ... Read more
I’ve Got a Proposal for You (4/2/2019)- Actually, I have two. Or, to be more precise, Department of Revenue has two for you. Proposal 1: Fact Sheet 3111: When Must a Person Obtain an Alcohol Beverage Retail License? (Comment Period Closes April 10, 2019) Proposal 2: Fact Sheet 3112: Winery and Class “B” Beer License (Comment Period Closes April 16, 2019) In ... Read more
A Hard Lesson in Trade Secrets (3/26/2019)- Full Disclosure: If you want to read the source article that gave rise to this post, you can do so here: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/23/how-sex-drug-promescent-sparked-a-150-million-legal-battle.html. I would categorize it as “kinda-NSFW,” but probably not something you want to have up on your screen should your boss be doing laps around the office. Under Wis. Stat. Sec. 134.90(c), a “trade ... Read more
Representing: You? (3/19/2019)- In our engagement letter, we have some very important language. Possibly the most important is this: It is expressly agreed and understood by Client that OG + S is retained for the sole benefit of the Client, and not for the benefit of any other person, partnership, corporation, shareholder, office, director, affiliated company or guarantor ... Read more
Spring Cleaning (For Your Business) (3/12/2019)- Is it really Spring yet? In Wisconsin, Spring is a state of mind and a hope for the future. So, Happy Spring! Now is a great time to think about the changes, updates and innovations needed in your business to ensure continued success. This is a short post discussing a few simple things to think ... Read more
Dealing with Deadlock (3/5/2019)- “Sure, 50\50 ownership is fine” the potential clients said to me as they looked across my desk. “We haven’t really talked about it, but I guess it’s fair. Do you think that’s best?” Entrepreneurship is my jam – I love it! I have met with many nascent entrepreneurs – all with various legal and business ... Read more
Justify Your Existence (2/26/2019)- Back in the day, when we used read things in hard copy, there was a feature (in The AV Club, I think) that demanded that bands they reviewed to “Justify your existence.” The bands had to explain why they mattered; why should the customer should listen to their music, buy their CD (yeah, I just ... Read more
Making Estate Administration Easier: 3 Things to Think About (2/19/2019)- Here are 3 quick tips to make your loved one’s estate plan execution process a little easier. It’s uncomfortable to discuss estate planning with your parents or other loved ones, but these simple tips will make administration of any estate much, much easier. Where is the Will\Trust\Etc?:  This is pretty self-explanatory – but please discuss with mom ... Read more
I’ll Grant You That: DATCP’s Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin Grant (2/12/2019)- The Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin Grants is a competitive grant program put on by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (“DATCP”) that funds local food efforts to increase the sale of Wisconsin-grown or produced food products.  The grants help farms and businesses more efficiently produce, process, market and distribute food in local ... Read more
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