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Take the Leap: Hiring Employees Is Not That Scary (9/18/2018) - I’ve been on an employment article kick lately, and my awesome business partner, Erin Ogden, will be making a presentation about “Business Growing Pains” to the Baraboo, Wisconsin Area Chamber of Commerce shortly, so I wanted to dust off this article I’d written a while back on LinkedIn and share it with the OG+S audience.  ... Read more
Just Keep Going (9/10/2018) -   In a first for us, I am reposting an earlier post because I was reminded of it this weekend.  My friend was in town for the Ironman competition again.  This time, instead of being in the race, she had two athletes she trained doing it.  She’ll be competing in the Arizona race in November.  ... Read more
Exempt Employees: Administrative and Executive (9/4/2018) - Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing Employees, overtime, and who is exempt from those regulations.  Last week, we talked about determining who is exempt, and this week, we talk about two of the most popular types of exemptions – the Administrative and Executive Exemption.  Read below for more information! Administrative Exemption FLSA: To qualify ... Read more
Lola Teaches Problem Solving (8/28/2018) - Many of you already know Lola as our social media manager and holiday good wish giver.  Last week, she gave us a good lesson on problem solving.  We were in Cleveland, Ohio for my first half marathon since breaking my leg.  It was 6:00 am Eastern (a/k/a 5:00 am Central), and we were outside with ... Read more
Wages and Overtime: Determining Who is Exempt (8/20/2018) - How does an employer determine if an employee is exempt under the FLSA and Wisconsin law? Determining if an employee is exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (“DWD”) regulations is a multi-step process.  Additionally, an employee may be exempt under the FLSA as to overtime, but may ... Read more
Who’s The Boss? (8/14/2018) - When setting up an LLC, whatever or whoever is helping you with the Articles of Organization asks a simple question: Is this going to be member-managed or manager-managed?  This question is often met with a somewhat blank stare.  So, if you did the same thing right now, you are not alone.  You should see what ... Read more
Wages and Overtime: Flexible Compensation and Salaried Employees (8/7/2018) - This is the first post in a series about wages and overtime, when it applies, and how to avoid costly mistakes.  As your company expands beyond the initial founders, keeping abreast of the multiple (and sometimes confusing!) wage and overtime regulations covering employees becomes incredibly important.  Here are two questions I’ve gotten recently, along with ... Read more
Is This Something? (7/31/2018) - Much like Letterman used to ask, “Is this anything?“,  clients often ask “Is this a trademark?” The answer to that depends on the answers to the following questions: Is whatever it is connected to the good or service being sold?  Will the customer see your product and the proposed mark together at the time they ... Read more
Real Estate Terms Worth Knowing (7/24/2018) - Over the past few weeks, we have gotten a bunch of questions from clients in regard to real estate transactions and some of the terms that inevitability come up in almost every deal.  This article aims to provide a quick and easy to understand guide to some of the terms we see most often. Tenancy ... Read more
“Its” Mystery Is Solved (7/17/2018) -   I get this question probably once a year: What does I T S mean under my signature on the contract? They are looking at the signature block at the end of an agreement and see this: SELLER: By:_______________________________________ Name: ___________________________________ Its:_______________________________________ Yeah, right there. I T S, otherwise, better known as “its,” the possessive ... Read more
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