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There is Only One Pizza – But the Number Of Slices is Up to You (11/20/2018) - This is the first post in a series about dilution.  Before we start down that path though, lets start with some simple background information. The key to understanding dilution comes with three simple words: Authorized, Issued, and Outstanding (shares). Authorized Shares means the total (read, total ever) shares a Corporation can create or “cut itself into.”  If ... Read more
Ack! It’s November, Already? (11/13/2018) - Oh, how quickly year end comes.  Summer slides by in a shimmer of sunscreen. The school year begins with a flurry of schedule changes. And BAM! We have 6 weeks before December 31st ends the calendar year.  This is when we begin to get all of the “So… I want to buy or sell this ... Read more
Residential Real Estate: Criminal Histories in the Tenant Application Process (11/6/2018) - 3 Bedrooms 2 Bath1,350\sqft$1,200\month + $1,200\security depositNo Arrests\ConvictionsNo evictions on CCAPProof of Income and References Required The housing market is tightening – interest rates are on the rise – and so are rents – all good things for Landlords.  As a consequence, good rentals are getting harder for tenants to find, and Landlords can afford ... Read more
Happy Halloween! (10/30/2018) -
Paper Beats Paper? (10/22/2018) - Somewhere at the bottom of most agreements is a clause that looks something like this: Entire Agreement:  This Agreement and the Exhibits and Attachments referred to in this Agreement contain the entire understanding of the Parties with regard to the subject matter contained in this Agreement and supersede all prior written or oral agreements, understandings ... Read more
Growing Hemp in Wisconsin (10/16/2018) - Under the 2014 Federal Farm Bill,  hemp cultivation is allowed to be undertaken by States as part of an approved agricultural pilot program.  Despite many other federal laws banning cultivation and use of hemp, the Farm Bill created this carve-out and a new opportunity for entrepreneurs and farmers in States that adopted the pilot programs.  Luckily, ... Read more
Help Others Help You (10/9/2018) - I was out for coffee with a new business owner earlier this week.  At the end, the owner tried to be proactive in his business and asked me “Who do you know that I should know?” I was a bit blunt in my response, which was “That is a bad question.  I don’t know how ... Read more
Contract Drafting – It Pays to Pay Your Attorney (10/1/2018) - An e-mail all attorneys hate receiving is one that starts like this: Hey Collin, I’ve drafted a new employment agreement, do you mind taking a quick look and telling me what changes I should make?  The short answer: No – I know very very few attorneys who would jump on that landmine. The long answer — ... Read more
Charting My Way to No (9/25/2018) - Those who know me know that I have a problem saying “No” to good projects and organizations.  I want to help, and there are a lot of really good opportunities out there.  But, sadly, it turns out that humans are essentially a closed system.  I can’t add hours to my day.  I may have as ... Read more
Take the Leap: Hiring Employees Is Not That Scary (9/18/2018) - I’ve been on an employment article kick lately, and my awesome business partner, Erin Ogden, will be making a presentation about “Business Growing Pains” to the Baraboo, Wisconsin Area Chamber of Commerce shortly, so I wanted to dust off this article I’d written a while back on LinkedIn and share it with the OG+S audience.  ... Read more
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